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On Friday at Muttart Hall, Belgian guitarist Johan Fostier demonstrated the virtuosity that has won him many Europeans titles, most recently first prize at the Guitar Foundation of America’s 2001 International Solo Guitar Competition.

A highlight was Manuel Maria Ponce’s «Variations sur Folia de Espana et Fugue».

There are 20 variations and Fostier created a different mood and often a different touch for each. He further charmed his audience by introducing his pieces. There is some debate about whether performers should describe works or weather the music must speak for itself. I tend to think brief comments are appropriate in intimate spaces and regard the willingness to take the time to connect with the audience as a mark of respect. I object, however, to lengthy introductions. If it must be read, I say, put it in the program. Fostier’s approach was ideal, his manner both polite and disarming. I have, in fact, decided the guitar, not the cello as I formerly believed, is the most lovely instrument. It doesn’t hurt that Fostier resembles Sean Penn. Picture it.

Classical notes by Allison Kyd –  Vue Weekly ,(Edmonton)

Johan Fostier Face

Superb recital by Johan Fostier

Ten works chosen by artist Johan Fostier, outstanding musician of the young generation of Belgian guitarists, filled the Regniessiart Chapel with wonderful acoustic properties.

Johan Fostier was born in this part which makes him say he is even more delighted to come and play in Regniessart.

The musician , like all members of his audience, were amazed by the perfect acoustic properties of this chapel as if it had been designed for classical guitar recitals.

People attended this concert presented as brilliantly as one could have expected after reading the guitarist’s progression.

Johan Fostier performed works by Gismonti, Bach, Emilio Pujol, Ernesto Lecuona regarded as one of the major Cuban composers, by Carlevaro and many others.

Breaking a more than religious silence, the notes came to delight our eardrums.

Johan Fostier’s mastery and reputation are certainly not overstated. Those were divine moments.

Everybody wanted this to last longer, but alas, best things also come to an end.

It is worth knowing that this musician performs around the world, from Switzerland to Germany, in the Netherlands, the United States and in Canada.

When not performing as a soloist, he likes to accompany soprano Evelyne Bohen or guitarist Delphine Bertrand in duets. Listing his progression, his accompanists, his performances, his theatre premieres would be far too long. Anyway, this was not the point for the audience in Regniessart, whatever the titles of the virtuoso, the only thing that matters is the music he pours out bringing you to Nirvana

The limpidity of the notes, the flights, the chords, rhythms and tempos were more than enough to convince the most skeptical music lover.

A most pleasant evening! Let us bet that «Regniessart Village Quality» and » The Friends of the Nature Reserve» organize more of such high-quality recitals.

VERS l’AVENIR – LE RAPPEL Culture Viroinval – Regniessart Chapel Maurice VANDEWEYER

Johan Fostier Face

Guitarist captivates Sudbury audience

Though classical guitar is traditionally reserved for those true classical music aficionados, it takes only a short time listening to Fostier play, before even the most untrained ear can begin to appreciate the beauty and skill of his incredible talent.Silence quickly spread over the cowd as he took centre stage.

As he cradles his guitar in his arms, he seems unaware of the audience eagerly anticipating his performance, yet he seems to know exactly how to manipulate their emotions. His music is at times quiet and calming, and takes on an almost dream-like quality which sends the audience into quiet consideration, while at other times his lively interpretations reflect the real power of the artist and his instrument.

As Fostier moves his fingers deftly through the complicated arrangements, he makes it seem almost effortless. It is difficult for the average person to imagine the hours of practice to rise this level of play.

The emotions he reveals through his playing, translate onto his face, and it’s clear this is more than a profession, it his passion. At the end of each piece, he seems to slowly come out of a pleasant reverie, only then acknowledging the audience as witnesses to his private love affair. He played nine pieces for the crowd, each one garnering him more appreciative applause than the last. Two consecutive standing ovations prompted Fostier to return to the stage to play, before he moved to the lobby where he signed CDs and chatted with the audience.

Lindsay Kelly, Shield staff – The Cambrian Shield

Johan Fostier Face

On Saturday, October 5th, the Classical Guitar Society of Northern Colorado presented a concert by Johan Fostier, winner of the Guitar Foundation of America, «2001 International Solo Competition».Classical notes by Allison Kyd –  Vue Weekly ,(Edmonton)

Here is Steve Waechter’s review:

Johan Fostier presented a stellar performance for the Guitar Society of Northern Colorado in the annual GFA Winner’s Concert.

Fostier played an extremely challenging program with marvelous timbral control, exciting dynamics, and a wonderful sense of artistic timing and expression.

An obvious highlight was Mr. Fostier’s mastery of the historical styles presented.

His Latin-American traditional music was special (raising an urge for a margarita or perhaps another margarita!). Ponce’s Variations on «Folias de Espana» were elegant and convincingly played and his Weiss Sonata was charmingly colored and beautifully executed… a real crowd pleaser.

Upon concluding the printed portion of the program, Johan received an immediate and enthusiastic standing ovation. At the crowd’s insistence he returned to with two encores; a Tarrega Waltz deftly performed and finished with Mompou’s beautiful Cancion from the Suite Compostellana.

On a personal note, we found Johan to be a warm, open and very bright young man.

He is very dedicated to his music and skill as a master musician.

"Remarkable recital through the "breath" filling your always radiant performances...."

C.& R. Mercier (Guitare Diffusion sprl)

"Johan gave a terrific concert. His playing displays an incredible amount of musicality with wonderful attention to phrasing, dynamic and color contrasts. It goes without saying that his technique is so secure that he can really focus on the music. A brilliant outstanding musician."

Jerry Snyder – President & Artistic Director

"…excellent concert and masterclass. Excellent tone, phrasing, sense of form, musicality, and technique. Congratulations."

Skender Sefa, Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society

"Johan is a delight. His concert and masterclass were terrific. It was a great experience!"

Kami Rowan — Greensboro, NC 

"Johan gave a brilliant performance! - standing ovation! We really enjoyed his presentation. He also presented an excellent Masterclass."

Jerry Snyder – President & Artistic Director / South Bay Guitar Society, San Jose, California USA

"Once in a lifetime" experience ! "

«letter to the editor» about your Hendersonville performance

"... interesting choice from beginning to end, each work is detailed, very carefully polished. The guitar had its day yesterday - colour - rhythms - subtle tones..."

D. Romagnoli – «Guitares…»

"Johan's performance was great! A very gifted player and he has a nice way with students. They were all very impressed with him."

Tom Fittipaldi — Rochester, NY

"Johan Fostier focuses on a search for expressiveness in which colour and breath prevail on conception..."

D.Ribouillaut – Les Cahiers de la Guitare – 77/2001

"Great skill and musical quality, here is an already mature real musical temperament."

F. Holvoet – «Guitares…»

"Thank you, Johan for the wonderful concert extreme quality, superb musical moments and congratulations for that endless virtuosity!”

Valérie Declercq

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