this is Why i teach

When one teaches, two learn.
What can be more rewarding for an artist than contributing to the emergence and development of young talents? Sharing with my students my guitar ‘science’, my love for the music , exploring the repertoire together in an analytical, cultural and emotional way can be as fulfilling as sharing with an audience on stage. I find it a special privilege to be able to help, guide, open minds, including mine. Through the years my students kept me awoken, alert and learning. Every student opens a new unknown path with its own challenges.

My purpose in teaching music on the guitar is to provide my students with a maximum of resources (technical, musical, cultural) so that they can finally be free to make their own choices and reach their own artistic goals. This goes through a deep practice of the guitar techniques and possibilities, an approach to relaxation and posture, a deep study of sound producing, and a clear analysis of styles and scores. With a special care for what to study at the right moment. I also enjoy and promote in my university the benefits of group energy during the collective classes, auditions and events.

My favourite quotes in teaching :
«The highest mountain fears the slow man»
«One goes forward only one step at a time»


JohAN fostier

classical guitar